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Collectors of Father Christmas will delight
in Deborah Sawyer's hand-made Hawaiian dolls

Collectible Hawaiian Dolls for Christmas

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Red Velvet Santa DollDolls for all occasionsooking as though they just stepped out of a fable, Father Christmas dolls represent the magic and glory of the season... Handcrafted by Maui artist Deborah Sawyer, the 18" Santa dolls are one-of-a-kind and beautifully detailed. Each one will vary slightly. This Red Bird of Paradise Pair is a limited edition of 150, each signed by the artist.

Maui Wowie Surfin' Santa: Red Bird of Paradise #202
Tropical Tutu: Red Bird of Paradise #302


Hawaiian Tapa Santa DollCollector's will find the brown tapa dolls unique with their Hawaiian porcelain faces and hands. The Father Christmas beard is made of feathers. The distinctive shell baskets add that island flair along with the natural pod "kahili's" or staffs.

Hawaiian Tapa Santa: #205
Hawaiian Tapa Tutu: #305


Vintage Hawaiian Santa DollThis vintage Hawaiian pair have Hawaiian porcelain faces and are handcrafted using old island style Hawaiian fabric. Mrs. Santa or the Hawaiian "Tutu" grandmother is a wonderful compliment to the Father Christmas or she can stand alone on her 8" walnut base with shells. She wears a vintage Hawaiian muumuu and shell lei. Her head is crowned with a "haku" head lei. In each basket of shells is a precious hand-sewn Hawaiian quilt. Let's not forget her sweet bird friend nestled on her staff for a good night's sleep.
Vintage Santa: Black w/Red and Pink Hibiscus #206
Vintage Tutu: Black w/Red and Pink Hibiscus #306


The Surfin' Santa and Tropical Tutu are a limited edition of 150 each. Santa holds a 20" wood surfboard. The Tropical Tutu stands under a 20" tall palm tree. Both hold baskets full of shells, a precious hand-sewn quilt, fruit and berries. Each one comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and are signed and numbered by the artist.

Surfin' Santa: Red Coat w/Vintage Patches #204
Tropical Tutu: Red and White Hibiscus #304


This Hawaiian fabric has amazing Nite-Blooming Cereus flowers with flecks of red in the green foliage. A beautiful pair, so graceful and elegant. Santa sports his aviator sunglasses. Tutu holds a birdhouse and a basket with a hand-made quilt.

Maui Wowie Green Sage Surfin' Santa: Nite Bloom #203
Tropical Tutu in Nite Bloom Cereus #303


NEW! Christmas Delight describes this perky cherry-colored Hawaiian fabric. It has plumeria, orchids, bird of paradise as well as gorgeous leaves. Fun and festive, Santa wears sunglasses and holds a Koa surfboard under a palm tree. Tutu stands next to a birdhouse with her special bird friend and holds a basket full of goodies and a hand-sewn quilt.

Maui Wowie Surfin' Santa: Christmas Delight #201
Tropical Tutu: Christmas Delight #301


Colorful Hawaiian muumuu dolls



Mini-Vintage Muumuu Dolls Collector clothespin dolls (4") wear colorful muumuus and hold tiny pineapples, Hawaiian "ipu" gourds used in traditional hula dance, or baskets of shells or flowers. They wear "haku" head lei's or tiny hats and have hand-painted faces that smile and say Aloha! These fun dolls have a base so they can stand or hang, your choice.

Vintaage Muumuu Dolls
Tropical Brights Muumuu Dolls

(Fabrics may vary slightly)

Colorful Hawaiian muumuu dolls

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